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Looking to find a full coverage, long-lasting makeup to cover up burns? Microskin is the answer! Most commercial makeup is not nearly pigmented or strong enough to cover a burn, and the color choices may not match you exactly. This leads to looking blotchy or discolored. However, Microskin can make an exact color-match for your skin, leaving you looking flawless. The best way to cover up burns and concealing burns is to have an individualized product at your disposal.

The Best Way To Cover Up Burns

How Microskin can custom-blend your exact skin-tone is done at the consultation. A specially trained Microskin technician takes some healthy skin and makes a duplicate of your skin tone using an advanced skin-scanning process and technology. This process is non-invasive and painless. Soon after, you can apply Microskin and start concealing burns. Using a stipple brush for smaller areas or an airbrush machine for larger areas with burns, Microskin camouflages, making it the best way to cover up burns. The result is unblemished, seamless skin.

Cover Burns Fast

In having burns, a very important part is letting the burn breathe. Microskin is so lightweight and breathable, the cosmetic allows the skin to do just that. Microskin also lasts up to a week on burns! Since burns don’t produce oils, and since the skin on a burn is drier, Microskin will hang around for potentially up to about a week or so That means less product wasted on reapplication, and less frequently do you have to apply it. Another huge plus is the fact that Microskin is waterproof. So you can shower and swim without worrying about the burns showing, and continue hiding burns. The way to remove Microskin is by the remover we provide for you when you purchase Microskin.


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