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Vitiligo Cosmetics – How A Gentleman Successfully Covered Vitiligo With Microskin

Not all vitiligo cosmetics are created equally. Most vitiligo cover up products are “cakey”, blotchy and rub off on everything those who apply them touch. What could be worse than trying to cover up your vitiligo, only to have the cover up rub off on everything you touch?

With Microskin, covering vitiligo is easy. We remember one of the happiest days we’ve ever experienced in our office. A gentlemen came in for a consultation. He informed us that he had vitiligo for many years. This gentleman was disappointed in other vitiligo cosmetics available because they always rubbed off on other people and fabrics.

The gentlemen told us how he went to hug his daughter one day and his cover up product rubbed off on to her baby blanket and ruined it. From that day forward, the gentleman was determined to find a better solution. After we applied Microskin, he instantly noticed that it was very difficult to rub it off. He was almost brought to tears. The gentleman could now enjoy the simple things: a hug, an embrace, and not worry about having to ruin other people’s fabrics or garments.

Microskin is considered one of the best vitiligo cosmetics because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t rub off easily. It’s even waterproof. Microskin is affordable and can be used to cover large and smaller areas of vitiligo, making it perfect for small makes or useful as vitiligo body makeup.

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