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What Is Medical Makeup? Microskin Has Your Answer

By January 5, 2014No Comments

Microskin is often referred to as a “medical grade makeup” because it is more potent and durable then what you can buy in stores. For example, Microskin is waterproof, doesn’t easily rub off and can last on the skin for more than a couple of days at a time.

This medical makeup can be extremely helpful when trying to cover up skin conditions such as vitiligo, birthmarks, scars, burned areas and even port wine stains since the extra durability lets you get more out of a single application. While store brands of makeup can somewhat cover up these conditions, it will look a bit more unnatural and “cakey”.

Microskin may be applied using two methods. There is a stipple brush for smaller areas of skin and our new air brush method for larger areas. We are able to create a custom makeup product based on an exact match of the pigmentation in your skin tone. Once this exact match is created, we bottle the color and teach you how to apply it like an expert.

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