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Microskin is the leader in camouflage cosmetics. We address every skin condition under the sun, from stretch marks, vitiligo, scars, tattoo cover up and anything else you can think of. In any case, we here at Microskin want to help you conceal skin conditions, and we do this by giving you a unique liquid camouflage cosmetic that can hide chronic skin conditions.


What makes Microskin so unique is the sheer fact of how personal the product is. Upon your consultation, we take a scan of the healthy skin you have and blend your camouflaging makeup for you. This enables Microskin to cover any skin issue, big or small. You can apply Microskin in one of two simple, easy ways:


-the airbrush technique: This method is ideal for a larger skin issue, or a larger part of the body. You spray Microskin on using an airbrush machine which we provide for you.

-the stippling technique: Perfect for smaller regions of the body, or smaller skin irregularities, as this method is very precise. Using a stippling sponge, you dab on the camouflage cosmetic.


Once Microskin is applied, it looks so much like skin, it is really a simulated second skin. This second skin will move with you and withstand quite a bit. It can last for a few days to as long as a week. On drier skin or burns it can last up to a week usually without the need to re-apply. Microskin is waterproof and budgeproof as well. With Microskin on, you can shower, exercise, and wear clothes on top of the second skin without cause for concern. It will not come off on fabrics or even other people. Please look at the Before and After gallery to see how wonderful Microskin truly is. We invite you to come into our offices, located in New York and California.

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