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It can be quite difficult at first to find the best cover up makeup for hands. This is usually due to the fact that most cover up makeups will rub off when they are applied to the hands which results in a negative experience when using them. After all, we perform most of our daily tasks with our hands and we depend on them to do a lot of things. Most people find themselves feeling extremely annoyed and dissatisfied when their cover up keeps rubbing off of their hands during simple things such as opening doors, shaking hands with other people, driving a car or even using their computer.

Fortunately enough, Simulated Skin is hands down (no pun intended!) the best cover up for hands because it doesn’t rub off on anything and can be used to cover up all different sorts of skin conditions. Whether you are wanting to cover up vitiligo, tattoos, scars, burns or any other sort of skin imperfections then Simulated Skin can be used successfully. To take it a step even further, Simulated Skin is entirely waterproof and can last anywhere between a couple of days up to about a week per single application depending on how much oil is naturally produced by the skin on your hands.

The other unique benefit that Simulated Skin has to offer is the fact that it is custom matched to the color of your skin by using a specialized scanner that allows a nearly perfect color match to be made. Once your skin has been scanned, a color is made specifically for you and the color of your skin. Simulated Skin can be applied on the hands as well as other locations on the body if need be.

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