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If you are looking for an excellent method that can cover burn marks on skin, then Simulated Skin may be exactly what you are looking for. Simulated Skin is what is known as a “simulated second skin”, because it is something that is applied directly on top of your existing skin to help camouflage and conceal burn marks. This layer of “second skin” actually lasts much longer on skin that has been burned since this it typically does not tend to have a large number of oil and sweat glands to break it down.

Cover Burn Marks On Skin

Two very important pieces of information that we have located elsewhere on this site about how to cover burn marks are the following.
The first is our definition of what we tend to consider a burn:

Burns are a result of skin tissue damage from excessive heat, electricity, radioactivity, or corrosive chemicals that destroy proteins in the exposed cells.

The second valuable piece of information concerns the amount of time a single application can last on skin that has been burned:

It varies with different skin types (oily/dry) and with different parts of the body. Simulated Skin can last 1-2 days on the face as the natural oils will break the Simulated Skin down quicker. On other parts of the body you can get up to several days with an application; you may only need a slight touch up to achieve a longer lasting result. When applied to the hands, the application will break down quicker due to frequent contact and hand washing. Burn patients are able to get more wear out of their Simulated Skin as they don’t have the sweat or oil glands to break it down. Active users or outdoor users may see their application break down faster due to climate conditions.

The key to sustaining an even longer lasting effect is to truly “touch it up” as soon as you notice the effects of Simulated Skin are beginning to fade a little bit. The overall amount of time that Simulated Skin can last on skin that has been burned is definitely much longer, as we’ve just said, because of the fact that the skin lacks the necessary sweat and oil glands to break it down.

Cover Burn Marks

Perhaps the single most important point to make about Simulated Skin regarding burns is the fact that it allows the skin to breathe naturally as though the layer of “second skin” was not present. This is important for all around skin health and especially important for skin that has been burned.

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