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Can you imagine a perfect camouflage makeup for vitiligo, burns, scars and birthmarks that actually works? Well, you can stop imagining since it exists and it’s here! Simulated Skin is the waterproof camouflage makeup that doesn’t rub off that can be used to conceal most skin imperfections such as vitiligo, burns, scars and birthmarks! It works by creating a virtual layer of “second skin” that is applied over the top layer of your skin called the epidermis. You don’t have to worry about matching the color since Simulated Skin can be specifically color matched to your skin using a precise method that involves a full scan and match of the color of your existing skin; both your natural skin and affected areas of skin are scanned in order to create the most harmonious and natural looking match for your specific needs.
If you compare what Simulated Skin has to offer against the more traditional camouflage and coverup makeups available, then you’ll notice that the difference is apparent right away. Because Simulated Skin is unique in that it’s waterproof, can last for a couple of days per application, doesn’t rub off and is precisely color matched using the color of your own skin at the start – there’s not much else out there that can compare to it.


  • Rochelle Craig says:

    I have vitiligo. Wouldn’t it be best to come in for a color match during mid-summer when the difference betweern the vitiligo areas and my tanned skin are the biggest problem.

  • Simulated Skin says:

    Hi Rochelle,
    This is a common thing that many of our clients have to deal with – we can always rescan your skin and create a new color for you but it’s entirely up to you as to when you’d like to start.
    I’d suggest calling our office at 212-779-4000 and we can talk a little bit more about how that process works and what it entails!

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