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Concealing cosmetics nowadays give you so many various options. The claims they can produce never live up to the results. However, Simulated Skin, the best concealer makeup, wants to invite you to check out our Before and After section, our testimonials, and we are sure after that you will be a believer. Simulated Skin, a concealing makeup, promises to:

  • * Deliver personalized customer care and a personalized makeup.
  • * Give a flawless finish and have no visible skin condition, such as vitiligo, birthmarks, eczema, scarring, etc., come through
  • * Have a lightweight formula
  • * Last up to a few days or a week.

To achieve the personalized makeup, we scan your healthy skin and transform your skin tone into a liquid makeup, that you can apply with either a stippling sponge or an airbrush machine. The airbrush machine is typically for larger areas of the body. When Simulated Skin is applied, you cannot even tell where your normal skin and affected skin begin. There is no “makeup”-y look either. Just great-looking skin. When at Simulated Skin, we show you two various ways in applying our product. You can use a small stippling sponge or an airbrush machine, typically for larger body regions.
Once Simulated Skin is dried (and it dries pretty fast!), the only product that will remove your concealer makeup will be our brand’s alcohol-based remover. Saying that, Simulated Skin is waterproof, so you can shower with it on and do all of your normal routines. Since it is waterproof, it is also sweat-resistant, so you can exercise as well without worrying about Simulated Skin looking odd or funky. We are a cosmetic company that delivers makeup that conceals thoroughly!
We have two main offices, one in New York, NY and one in Pasadena, CA. Please feel free to come by for your very own Simulated Skin consultation, and see why it is the best concealer makeup around.

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