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The Best Foundation for Rosacea is Simulated Skin

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects many people daily. The blotchy┬áredness, the dry patches, and all around uncomfortable feeling can be hard to deal with, and conceal. Simulated Skin luckily is the best foundation for rosacea! With it’s full coverage, non-irritating makeup, it is the best makeup for rosacea sufferers.

Foundation for Rosacea

Simulated Skin is non-irritating to already sensitive skin such as rosacea because although it is heavy in coverage, the texture of it is lightweight. This allows your skin to be concealed, yet breathable and not clog pores. The way Simulated Skin is so easily able to conceal your rosacea is that we scan your healthy skin and create an exact match of makeup for you to use at home. You can use Simulated Skin to fix your rosacea in two ways. Either the stipple method, where you use a stippling sponge to apply Simulated Skin. Or the airbrush technique, which you spray Simulated Skin through an airbrush machine. Typically this is used for larger areas of the body.
Simulated Skin effortlessly hides Rosacea, all while looking fresh and not at all thick on the skin. Instead it looks and behaves much like a second skin, flawlessly camouflaging your rosacea. Simulated Skin is waterproof, so you can sweat, shower, even swim with your new second skin on. It is also rub-resistant, so you can wear clothes without fear makeup will get on your garments. Long-wearing as well, Simulated Skin can last up to a few days or as long as week. All these qualities really make Simulated Skin the best foundation for rosacea possible
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