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If you have a skin condition and you are in the performing arts, going to or having a wedding, or showing a little more skin than usual, you might want to cover up that skin issue. Whether it is vitiligo, birthmarks, tattoos, or anything, a liquid cosmetic called Simulated Skin is here to help you with the best body camouflage makeup you can find.
With Simulated Skin, we can conceal the body with makeup perfectly because we actually scan your normal skin. A trained Simulated Skin technician does this, and then custom blends your very own Simulated Skin body camouflage makeup! When applied, the Simulated Skin will completely hide any body imperfections you may have. We can do this because of how close the makeup is to your skin, it flawlessly conceals using body camouflage makeup. You can apply Simulated Skin in one of two ways. The airbrush method, in which you use an airbrush machine to spray Simulated Skin to conceal your body. Or the stippling method, in which you use a stippling sponge to apply Simulated Skin to smaller areas of the body.
Simulated Skin acts much like a real skin, or a second skin if you will. It looks completely natural and real, not at all cosmetic-y appearing or fake. Simulated Skin is also waterproof, so you can bathe in it and and exercise and there is no runny, weird mess. To remove Simulated Skin, you can use an alcohol-based remover to get the second skin off. Without this, Simulated Skin can last up to a few days or as long as an entire week. Please look at out Before and After pictures, and call us for a consultation today for how to conceal your body!

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