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Corrective Cosmetics – What Exactly Can They Do For You?

By December 2, 2012No Comments

Corrective cosmetics are popping up alot these days. But if you truly want to correct your skin using cosmetics, try a consultation with Microskin. Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, not only corrects an array of skin condtions ranging from birth marks to burns, but we provide a product that goes above and beyond many of it’s competitors.
Microskin is a liquid cosmetic, or a simulated second skin. It is referred to as a “second skin” because of how it conceals and looks. It looks as though there is no product there, all while concealing skin imperfections and issues. Natural and opaque, Microskin is not a heavy feeling product. It is a breathable cosmetic that let’s the skin below it get air and not feel clogged.
A technicain will scan your healthy skin to get a sample skin color. Then the process of blending the cosmetic begins, and soon you have your very own second skin. To apply the corrective cosmetic, there are two ways. One is the airbrushing technique, which is ideal if you are trying to correct and conceal skin problems that are larger. You would use an airbrush machine to spray on Microskin. There is also the stippling method, which is perfect for smaller areas, as you can be more precise with this method. For the stippling technique, you use a small stippling sponge and dab Microskin onto the affected area.
Another remarkable aspect of Microskin is how long-wearing it is. Microskin lasts for as long as a week. It is waterproof and rub-proof. You can shower, exercise and perspire, and wear any clothes you want. Microskin will not come off with normal soap and water. We specially designed an alcohol-based remover that we provide for you.
E-mail or call us at the number listed on the top of this page. We at Microskin look forward to hearing from you.

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