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Camouflage makeup that is completely opaque while looking natural is hard to come by. Many camouflage makeups look cakey, noticeable and thick. Simulated Skin, a lightweight liquid cosmetic, is the exception. Aside from being a breathable makeup to hide imperfections ranging anywhere from stretch marks to burns, it is also a custom cosmetic.
At your consultation, we scan healthy skin you have and blend your camouflaging cosmetic for you. This enables Simulated Skin to cover any skin issue, big or small. You can apply Simulated Skin in one of two ways. There is stippling method, which is ideal for smaller areas of the body, or smaller skin imperfections. You use a stippling sponge and you dab on Simulated Skin. Then there is the airbrush technique. This way is ideal for a larger area of the body or a large skin condition. Using an airbrush machine, you lightly mist on Simulated Skin to the affected area. Once Simulated Skin is on, it looks so realistic and much like actual skin. It is more of a “simulated second skin” if you will. It seamlessly blends into your healthy skin and leaves no trace of a “makeup” look behind.
Simulated Skin will last for a few days to as long as a week. Burns or drier skin have more luck with it lasting for a week without re-application. Simulated Skin is waterproof, sweatproof, and budgeproof. Feel free to shower, exercise, rub on fabrics and wear clothes on top of Simulated Skin with no worry. Showering with soap and water will not remove Simulated Skin. The only way to completely get rid of Simulated Skin is to use our special alcohol based remover which we provide.
Simulated Skin has two offices in New York and California, and we also have a phone number and e-mail to contact us at. We look forward to hearing from you.

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