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Whether you are dealing with burns, scars, vitiligo, or rosacea, Simulated Skin, a liquid cosmetic, can help you hide every skin issue possible. Simulated Skin is by far the most natural looking coverup on the market, and is the only customizable makeup on the market.
Simulated Skin is 100% unique to you and your shade of skin. We accurately gather this information upon your first visit to our offices, located in New York and California. A Simulated Skin technician scans your healthy, unmarked skin, and blends the liquid makeup for you to bring home.
To use Simulated Skin, there are two effective ways. One is ideal for smaller areas of skin conditions you want to hide, which is the stippling method. You use a small stippling brush to apply Simulated Skin to the affected areas. There is also the airbrush method, which is ideal for larger areas of skin. With this method, you use an airbrush machine to mist the skin with our cosmetic.
Being a natural-looking-coverup for skin conditions, Simulated Skin is never heavy looking, yet is completely opaque and hides a bevy of conditions. It is also very lightweight, yet is durable enough to be sweatproof and waterproof. The specialized remover we give to you upon your purchase is the only way to remove Simulated Skin.
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