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A key feature to finding body makeup for legs is longevity. Legs can rub up on pants and each other too often, and the usual concealer for legs wipes off. Or, if you are an active person, sweating through the makeup can also be a major ordeal. Simulated Skin, a liquid cosmetic, is different however, and a great body makeup for legs.

Body Makeup for Legs

Simulated Skin is a highly pigmented, long-lasting product. What makes Simulated Skin so long-wearing is the fact it is waterproof. You can shower with this on, or even swim with Simulated Skin on. In being waterproof, Simulated Skin is sweatproof as well. Perspire and exercise as much as you like. The cosmetic will also not rub off on fabric or clothes. Simulated Skin refuses to go anywhere until you want it to. This makes Simulated Skin the best leg concealer around. This can last anywhere on the skin for a few days to as long as a whole week. Typically, it lasts longer on drier areas of the body where less oils are made and produced. To remove Simulated Skin, you use our specially made alcohol-based cleanser.

Regardless of what skin condition you may have on your legs, Simulated Skin can completely cover it. During your consultation, we will scan the healthy skin on your legs and create an exact color match of a leg makeup for you. Once you apply your own special shade of Simulated Skin to the legs, your skin issue will disappear, and all that will be left is flawless skin. Simulated Skin is the best foundation for legs because of it’s customized and unparalleled endurance.

Take a glance at our Before and After gallery, we are sure to have your skin condition on your legs covered. Call us or e-mail us with any concerns or questions, and to schedule your Simulated Skin consultation today.


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