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Burns in general are difficult to hide. But burn scars can be just as difficult. Finding the right shade or something that will last you a few days is nearly impossible usually. But Simulated Skin is here to help. Simulated Skin is a liquid, full coverage cosmetic that can aide you in hiding burn marks and scarring. It takes on the appearance of your own skin, a simulated second skin really!


This “second skin” expertly hides burn scars because it is a personalized cosmetic. We take a scan of your good skin, match it and create your very own Simulated Skin. Once applied, there is no appearance of makeup. Only unblemished, healthy skin shines through. Simulated Skin is heavy on pigment, but let’s burns breathe and does not clog pores. This is significant to those who have burns, since the last thing you want to do is not allow it to properly heal while concealing burn scars.


Simulated Skin also lasts up to a week on burns. It lasts this long particularly on burns because they tend to be of a drier texter, with less oil being produced. No re-application for up to a week, and Simulated Skin is waterproof. You can shower with it on, and it will not become streaky or go missing. Simulated Skin will not rub off or come off with friction either, hiding your burn scars regardless of what you wear or bump into. Normal soap will not do the trick for getting it off. You will need to use our remover, which we include when you buy Simulated Skin.


To apply it is simple. There is either the stippling technique, in which you use a brush on smaller areas. Or the airbrush technique, which is mostly used for larger parts of the body. Please review our Before & After pictures:

Simulated Skin - Before Treating Burns

Simulated Skin – Before Treating Burns

Simulated Skin - After Treating and Being Applied to Burns

Simulated Skin – After Treating and Being Applied to Burns

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