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Dealing with burns is not easy for anyone – trying to get something that is pigmented enough and looks like your own skin is nearly impossible, right? Wrong! Simulated Skin is essentially a second skin, with it’s breathable and lightweight FULL coverage. It takes on the properties of your own skin; there is no appearance of a heavy, caked on makeup to be found anywhere. Simulated Skin helps you look like the best you possible, all while flawlessly hiding and getting rid of burns.

Getting Rid of Burns

Something so comfortable to wear is long-lasting as well. Simulated Skin offers people with burns days of wear, from one single application. Burns typically have much less oil produced within the skin, giving the burn victim even more usage out of Simulated Skin. The quickest and most long-lasting solution to covering up burns is also a benefit to burn victims, as it allows the pores of the skin underneath the cosmetic air exposure, helping the burns to heal (if need be).

Simulated Skin is also custom to what you, the client, needs and wants. The liquid cosmetic is specially made to fit your skin tone and to aide you in getting rid of burns. Precise pigments are mixed to fit every individual that walks though the Simulated Skin Center doors. If you are interested in camouflaging your burns, please don’t hesitate to call or come into either our New York or Los Angeles offices.

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