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Making the decision to have a breast reduction can be a tricky one. Many people are concerned about the breast reduction scars left behind. Once the surgery is performed, you might want to hide those scars for bikini season or just for your own personal piece of mind. Simulated Skin, a liquid lightweight cosmetic, can efficiently hide breast reductuon scars.

Simulated Skin is the best option to hide breast reduction scars because of how exact the color match is. When you come to a Simulated Skin consultation, we scan your unmarked skin and produce for you a liquid cosmetic that is a precise match for your skintone.

Applying Simulated Skin is easy, we present you with two options and decide on which is best for you. The first way is the stippling option, in which you stipple on Simulated Skin with a stippling sponge. This is perfect for smaller breast reduction scars. Then there is the airbrushing technique, in which you use our airbrushing system to apply the liquid cosmetic. This is ideal for those of you with much larger reduction scars. Once applied, Simulated Skin is lightweight, so much so we call it a second skin. You won’t be able to tell where your scars are!

Simulated Skin makes how to hide breast reduction scars simple, because as well as being lightweight, it is also waterproof and sweatproof. Feel free to bathe or sweat using it. It is also resistant to rubbing. This is important for such an area as the breasts, because it is constantly being touched by clothing and fabrics. Simulated Skin can last a day or up to a week if used on drier skin, it is all up to you. Removing Simulated Skin is simple. We provide you with a specially designed alcohol-based cleanser to take off your second skin.

Our number is up at the top of the page, please call us to set up your Simulated Skin consultation today.

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