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How To Save Your Tattoo From Getting Ruined?

Is your tattoo starting to look blurry?

Are your friends pointing out that they can no longer read the quote that you so passionately got inked, as it resonated with your inner-self? 

Maybe there was a mistake in the spelling, or they did a design you didn’t want it that way? 

Perhaps you regret getting a tattoo after years, because of the bad memories it brings out? 

There are times when no matter how careful you are with the precious tattoo, it gets ruined either because of the bad quality ink or it has not been done correctly or not taken care of afterward.  

Keeping this into consideration, we bring you the list of certain things that you should not do to retain the tattoo that you got made with so much of thoughtfulness and excitement:

  • Drinking alcohol before getting inked:

Alcohol is a blood thinner. Drinking alcohol prior to getting the tattoo done might lead to excessive bleeding, which can lead to an emergency situation. 

  • Not following instructions:

Once they are done, the tattoo artists will give you a set of instruction to follow for a week or two to make sure that the skin is healed correctly and the tattoo doesn’t get patchy or blurred. They might also give you some solution. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully; otherwise, you might end up with a botched tattoo. 

  • Covering it for too long:

The tattoo artist will ask you to keep the tattoo covered for as long as 1-2 weeks to make sure that the bleeding is done with and there is no probability of any infection or contamination. But covering it for more than that duration could do more harm than good, so make sure you are taking your tattoo artist’s advice and look for signs of any possible bleeding or redness for a few days after having gotten the tattoo. 

  • Removing the bandage too soon:

Keep the bandage for as long as the professional has instructed you to; otherwise, the unhealed area might lead to infection. 

Is your tattoo starting to look a bit blurry or there are some patches between the tattoos? 

Has the design gotten haywire with the stretching of your skin? 

Whatever the reason may be, with Simulated Skin simulated second skin, you don’t have to carry a tattoo that you no longer wish to be visible to you or others.

No matter the placement of your tattoo, you easily apply Simulated Skin to cover it up, quick and for longer. 

Simulated Skin will fix your ruined tattoo either by airbrushing or by stipple technique. Depending upon the magnitude at which the tattoo has gotten ruined, the consultant will determine and suggest whether you should go for either of these two. 

Stipple technique is used for covering up a small area and can be used as the best makeup substitute for hyperpigmentation and small tattoos. The Simulated Skin in this technique is put on the field (smaller than the size of the palm) by a 3D application with a specially designed stipple sponge. The sponge’s pore-like structure when builds up to cover up the area with Simulated Skin’s skin like texture. 

For covering up tattoos of larger areas, airbrushing is used wherein a fine and even Simulated Skin layer is applied that dries quickly.

A  body treatment product with a  light liquidized application, Simulated Skin, a product for the philosophy of body care is designed and created to color correct the common skin conditions. It is important to note that Simulated Skin is not a makeup or a camouflage product that will rub off from the skin quickly. 

No matter what age group you fall in or what you skin colors is, Simulated Skin is there to help you come out of the conscious feeling which you may get when people point out to the blurry and patchy tattoo. 

Post a thorough skin examination; our consultants will design an exact color correction formula, creating a durable and flexible Simulated Skin which unlike any makeup won’t rub off easily, leaving you confident and more secure about your body. 

Reach out for a consultation session with Simulated Skin today!

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