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Scars, vitiligo, eczema or birthmarks can all occur on the body. When you have a skin condition on the body, normal concealer usually wipes off on clothes or sweats off very easily. Long-lasting and durable, Simulated Skin is a great option for a body concealer.

Simulated Skin is waterproof, which aids in the ability to last a long time. You can shower, bathe, and swim with it on, and it will not look like a streaky mess afterward. It is also sweat proof, so you can exercise and sweat with the product on. Simulated Skin is also resistant to rubbing off on fabrics or clothes, making it an ideal body concealer. Simulated Skin makes it easy on how to apply body concealer. To apply Simulated Skin, you can use the airbrushing method, which is ideal for more affected and larger parts of the body. Or you can use the stippling method, which is perfect for a smaller area so you can exactly pinpoint where you would like the coverage. The stippling method requires a stippling sponge, and the airbrushing way requires an airbrush machine to spray Simulated Skin on you. When applied, Simulated Skin looks seamless. It moves with you, and looks so much like real skin, that we like to call it a second skin of sorts. It provides a flawless barrier for whatever skin condition you may have.

Another factor in what sets Simulated Skin apart is our personalized experience. We scan your healthy skin and make a copy of your skin tone. A Simulated Skin technician then begins to make your very own liquid body concealer! It is an exact match for the your skin, allowing you to camouflage your body. If you would like to set up a consultation today, please call our number. You can find this at the top of our webpage.

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