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Skin conditions can occur anywhere on the body, and when most people think of cosmetics, it is frequently associated with faces or other easy-to-see places. But what if you have a scar, vitiligo or burn on your groin, and you are going to the beach, or wearing shorts? Most coverup makeup isn’t waterproof or durable. But Microskin is an all-around cosmetic, making it the perfect makeup for groin usage!

If you are searching for coverage on your groin, the main concerns are if it a cosmetic it comes off, if it is waterproof, and just how exact of a match can the product be to your skin. At your consultation, a trained Microskin employee matches your skin tone, making this an individual cosmetic. Once we perfectly match you, we then proceed to decide which method of applying Microskin is best for you. There is the stippling method, which is ideal if you have a smaller skin condition on the groin, and the makeup is applied with a brush. For a larger problem there is the airbrush technique, where Microskin is flawlessly applied using an airbrush device. The end result is an easy on the eyes look, a second skin really. If you are a man and are worried it will look like makeup, please browse our gallery to see just how real and natural it looks. Microskin looks like your real skin exactly, and is a great makeup for delicate areas.

Once Microskin is applied, it isn’t going anywhere. Made to be resilient to rubbing off on fabrics, clothes, and other people, Microskin is resistant as can be. This resistance makes it the ideal makeup for the groin, which is rubbed on by pants and all sorts of other fabrics constantly. Also, if you are going to be at the beach, or sweating, Microskin is waterproof as well. The only way to remove it is by our specially-designed remover, making Microskin the best makeup possible. Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation, and get started on concealing your groin with makeup!

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