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When it comes to covering vitiligo with makeup, you should know that all products aren’t created equally. The majority of clients that we see in our clinic have tried all sorts of various vitiligo cover ups and have been disheartened. The different products available on the product are really all just the same thing and are not really designed well. They are just generic colors of heavy makeup.

Makeup For Vitiligo Cover

This is why we’ve created Simulated Skin. It’s a custom skin makeup that is designed to precisely match your skin color and tone. It’s the ultimate concealer makeup package that is designed to allow your skin to be able to breathe. It’s strong enough to also be waterproof while not being able to rub off.

When you visit our clinic, we give you thorough how to instructions and tips on applying Simulated Skin for maximum results. There’s no need to worry about anything since our skilled technicians have successfully taught thousands of people how to apply Simulated Skin professionally for years.

Covering vitiligo has never been so easy and we guarantee that. If you don’t think that Simulated Skin is the best makeup for vitiligo cover up then you have absolutely no obligation to buy it but we do wish that you’ll come down for a consultation to see how we can help you.

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