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Without a doubt, one of the most attractive things behind Simulated Skin is that fact that it’s a makeup that doesn’t rub off on clothes. This is something that many people who try to cover, hide and conceal certain skin imperfections absolutely love because they don’t have to worry about touching somebody or even walking by them and covering them in their coverup makeup.

Makeup That Doesn’t Rub Off

Whatever your reason may be for needing a makeup that doesn’t rub off on clothes is, you can count on Simulated Skin to deliver on this promise to you. In fact, the only way to remove Simulated Skin before the oils in your skin have a chance to is with an alcohol based solution that we can provide for you. People tend to get very excited when they hear about this because it allows them to do “the little things” in life again that most of us take for granted without having to experience worry or fear over. For example, you can put Simulated Skin on your legs and then drive your car without having to worry about makeup rubbing off onto the car seat. You can also hug somebody and not have to worry about getting them covered in makeup. These sorts of things matter a lot in life, especially when you feel as though these “little things” are no longer possible.

Once you apply Simulated Skin, it can last anywhere between a few days and up to about a week depending on where it’s applied. If you want to take it off sooner, all you have to do is use the alcohol based solution to remove it. It’s even waterproof and will allow your skin to breathe naturally.

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