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If you have ever wondered how to get the best body makeup around for a special event or just to camouflage any imperfections, look no further than Simulated Skin. Simulated Skin is a highly pigmented liquid cosmetic. A common problem with other body makeup is usually about getting a correct color match. Many are too orange or too pink. However, Simulated Skin is an individualized product that caters directly to you.

When you set up your consultation for Simulated Skin, one of the first things we do is scan your unmarked skin. A trained technician does this so they are able to correctly match your exact skintone. Once we have scanned you, we blend the liquid cosmetic. It is able to cover any skin condition so well because of the exact shade match we give you. How to cover up the body and applying Simulated Skin is also a breeze. There is either the stippling method, in which you take a stippling sponge and apply Simulated Skin that way. Or, there is the airbrush method, in which you spray a fine mist of Simulated Skin onto the affected area. The airbrush method is ideal for larger areas of the body, whereas the stippling method is best for concealing the body in smaller areas.

Simulated Skin is much more of a second skin than a cosmetic. Once applied on the skin, there is a seamless transition from the normal skin to affected skin. There is no evidence of a heavy makeup look, only beautiful skin. Simulated Skin is also a very lightweight product, so lightweight your skin can actually breathe underneath it. Amazingly enough, with it being so lightweight, it is also long-lasting. Simulated Skin can last anywhere to a few days to a whole week. Whatever body concealing you are trying to accomplish, Simulated Skin does it all and more. Please contact us via e-mail or call us to set up an appointment today.

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