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In using body makeup to cover scars, there are various things you are looking for.

– longevity. Since the makeup is on the body, it has a tendency to come off easily with rubbing or water.

-opaqueness. Finding a heavy-duty, completely full-coverage body makeup can be a challenge to find in a drugstore or even a high end department store.

Using Body Makeup to Cover Scars

Scars can be very difficult to cover up, due to their color. But Simulated Skin, a liquid, customizable makeup, does the trick. We are able to perfectly match your skintone and make you your very own shade of Simulated Skin. A trained technician scans your healthy skintone and gets a precise pigment match. Once that is done, we blend your Simulated Skin. It is able to cover up body scars easily because it is a precise match of your skintone layered on top of scars. To apply Simulated Skin to your scars, you have two options, which we will decide what is best for you at the consultation. There is the stippling option, in which you apply the scar makeup using a stippling sponge. The stippling method is ideal for smaller body scars. Then there is the airbrushing option, in which you apply Simulated Skin using an airbrush machine. This is great for larger scars because it takes less time.

When applied, Simulated Skin looks so natural, like a second skin. It flawlessly camouflages scars using body makeup. You can move with it on, even bathe with it. Simulated Skin is waterproof and sweatproof, so you can shower, swim or exercise with it on. It is also resistant to coming off on clothes or fabric, making Simulated Skin the best body makeup for scars. Simulated Skin can last up to a week on drier skin, and this proves how long-lasting Simulated Skin truly is.

Take a look at our Before and After gallery, and call us to set up an appointment today to hide your body scars.

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