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Living with vitiligo can be a very difficult experience. You may feel self-conscious and want to help camouflage vitiligo. Simulated Skin, a breathable liquid cosmetic, is here to help you do just that. We are the best cosmetic for vitiligo 2013!

Simulated Skin is a step above the rest because of the highly pigmented and concentrated liquid we provide. Large or small areas of vitiligo can all be corrected with this product. Although it is a very opaque cosmetic, Simulated Skin is not thick or “makeup” looking. In fact, it is so lightweight many refer to Simulated Skin as a second skin.

Upon your visit to Simulated Skin offices, we scan your healthy skin to create a liquid that is unique to you and your skin tone. 100% personalized, Simulated Skin is applied to the affected areas with vitiligo, and you will see the vitiligo seemingly disappear underneath the “second skin”. ☺

To use Simulated Skin, there is the airbrushing technique, in which you use an airbrush machine to lightly spray the makeup on. This is ideal for larger areas of vitiligo. There is also the stippling method, where you use a small stippling brush to apply Simulated Skin. The stippling method is best for smaller, more intricate areas.

Dealing with vitiligo in 2013 doesn’t have to be hard, just contact us today and view our Before & After gallery of how we make vitiligo disappear. We look forward to helping you.

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