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Vitiligo is a skin condition that can appear suddenly and on any part of the body. The characteristic symptoms of vitiligo are a loss of pigment on the skin, resulting in “white spots” that can come and go and even change position on the body.

When vitiligo occurs on the hands, it can make many of our patients feel extra self-conscious since it is a highly visible area. The hands are also a very sensitive area so it is a part of the body that is most frequently seen by our patients also.

This is why Simulated Skin ends up becoming frequently used as a vitiligo makeup for hands. It’s the perfect choice because it can’t be rubbed off easily and it is entirely waterproof. Traditional makeups just don’t last on the hands because sweat, activity, movement and friction eventually rub it off. For Simulated Skin, the everyday activities associated with daily tasks aren’t even a problem and are nothing to worry about.

Here is a REAL TIME demonstration of Simulated Skin being applied to hands as a vitiligo coverup product:

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