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A very common complaint about makeup is that once water hits it, the product is washes way instantly or gets very messy looking. This can prove to be very inconvenient, and leads to constant re-application. Simulated Skin is a customizable liquid cosmetic that is a great waterproof makeup. It can last for anywhere from a few days to up to a week without re-application, all while concealing most skin conditions thoroughly.


Whether you are suffering from scarring, burns, vitiligo, stretch marks, or wanting to conceal tattoos, Simulated Skin can conquer any of those. We here at Simulated Skin personalize the cosmetic to your exact skin tone, leading to an opaque coverage of anything you want to hide. While Simulated Skin is heavy on concealing, it is a very light product, allowing skin to breathe. The waterproof cosmetic is applied in two variations, either the stippling method with a brush or the airbrush method with an accurate airbrush device. During your consultation we will decide what course of action is best for you. Once applied, your skin looks natural, so much so we refer to Simulated Skin as a “second skin”.


Simulated Skin, as I previously mentioned, is 100% waterproof. Showers, beach water and the like are no match for the durable cosmetic! The only way to get Simulated Skin off is with a special alcohol-based remover, which we provide you with when you purchase the product. The budge-proof makeup typically lasts longer on drier skin areas, but even on oilier areas it still stays put for days! It will not rub off on clothes or people. Simulated Skin is a very long-lasting cosmetic, it will only come off when you decide.


I invite you to please look at our before and after gallery, and it will show what an amazing product Simulated Skin truly is. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, or visit us at our New York or Pasadena, CA offices.

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