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A concealer or makeup are probably your go-to products every time you have to cover scars or a wide range of skin conditions, including eczema, keloids, melasma, rosacea, vitiligo and more. When using concealers and make up you may sometimes find your face or skin exposed and now devoid of concealer due to sweat and even rain. There’s now a better option available when it comes to skin cover up.

We at Microskin Center offer you a revolutionary and effective waterproof skin cover up that acts as a simulated skin. Our formula is available in all skin tone colors. We start the consultation by generating an exact match on skin tone color. Based on our consultant’s expertise in mixing pigment and color-correcting, this is all done effortlessly by the human eye, which is very efficient in detecting even small differences in the color between the different parts of the body. The Microskin formula is made in a lab. An assortment of colors are available if you are unable to come in for a consultation.

What Exactly Is Microskin?

Microskin acts as your outer skin layer or epidermis formulated to match whatever your skin tone is. Initially, Microskin is applied as a liquid, but after it dries up, it turns into a durable, flexible, and waterproof layer with a skin-like texture which will effectively cover up a wide range of skin conditions, tattoos or scars. To see a full list of skin conditions that Microskin effectively covers up please click here.

How Is It Applied?

Microskin can be applied in several different ways. You can use our stipple sponge if the area of application is smaller. If you’re looking to cover up a larger area, you can try our airbrush gun. During your consultation, our technician will

make a recommendation as to how you should apply the solution, based on your particular skin condition.

Some Benefits of Using Microskin as a Waterproof Skin Cover Up:

100% Waterproof
Can last up to several days
Easily applied
Available in different skin tones
Competitively priced
Does not rub off on your clothes

In conclusion, what you get with Microskin is a totally waterproof skin cover up, that stays on for anywhere from several days up to a week. It is easily applied and can be removed easily with our removing serum.

Microskin is the most trusted waterproof skin cover up on the market. We’ve been featured on CBS Channel 2 News, the NYT, Women’s Health Magazine and more.

Please call or email us with any questions or to set up a consultation today.

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