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If you have minor or severe scarring, and would like to conceal your scars, Microskin is here to help. Opaque, long-lasting and natural, this liquid cosmetic can cover any scar you may have. Microskin is also the best concealer for scars because of the custom scar makeup we give to you. It is an exact match to your skintone, so you can cover up scars of any color.


Microskin can exactly match your skin because of our scanning process. We scan your unscarred, healthy skin to get your skintone color. The technican then makes your liquid cosmetic, which is a precise match for your skin. Once on, Microskin appears flawless and seamlessly transitions from your skin to the scar without any sign of makeup. The end result is so flawless we liken Microskin to a “second skin”, one that goes over your scars and gives the results of healthy-looking skin.


Applying Microskin is also a breeze. At your consultation we will decide which method is best for you. The stippling method is best for smaller scars, whereas the airbrushing method is best for larger scars. The stippling method is precise, and you apply Microskin with a stippling sponge. The airbrushing method provides great results, and you lightly mist on Microskin with an airbrushing machine we give to you upon purchase.


Unique color and ease of application are some of Microskin’s great qualities, but not all. Microskin is also waterproof, which makes this concealer for scars the most long-lasting one on the market. Feel free to shower, or even exercise, as Microskin is also sweat-proof. If you apply Microskin on your body or areas where clothes will rub up against it, no need to worry either. Microskin will not rub off on fabrics. You can remove Microskin with an alcohol-based cleanser, soap and water will not do the trick.


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