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Without a doubt the best way to cover up a tattoo before a wedding is with Simulated Skin. Simulated Skin makes for the best wedding tattoo cover up because it’s not a makeup and this means that it won’t run off and stain anybody’s dresses or other expensive clothes. Once it’s applied it will completely cover up any tattoo for a few days temporarily. There’s nothing else even remotely like this. It’s usually not worth it to waste your time with other cheaper wedding tattoo cover up kits because they tend to run off onto clothes and linens causing massive stains and even more headaches. Conventional makeup does a poor job of concealing the tattoo in the first place which only usually serves to make matters worse.

Simulated Skin is also a great choice as a wedding tattoo cover up because it can be matched to your skin’s color exactly, providing a natural and “purer” look when compared to other types of similar things being offered. For the best results it should be applied as closest to the wedding date as possible as to prevent any of the natural deterioration of it; you can also touch it up as you need to and see fit. You can have it applied for you by one of our technicians at any of our office locations or come in prior to your wedding to have your skin tested and the color made for you; after which you can apply it on your own whenever you are ready to.

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