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What You Should Know About Different Types of Cover Up Makeup

The most important thing to realize about cover up makeup is simply this,

Not all cover up makeup is the same!

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, right? 😉 As far as we are concerned, there are traditional makeups that cover up skin imperfections, and then there is Simulated Skin. Simulated Skin is different from other cosmetic productions because it is able to cover up anything on your skin while being virtually waterproof while also lasting for up to a few days per application.

As if all of this weren’t enough – Simulated Skin can actually be custom matched to your specific skin color with 100% accuracy. We are able to achieve this by scanning the color of your skin and then recreating a specialized and highly custom pigment based upon your real and actual skin color.

There’s no guess work here. We can create the perfect cover up makeup for you in literally an instant… Or maybe even slightly less than in an instant depending on how you want to look at things.

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