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Michael Jackson was responsible for bringing awareness of the disease known as vitiligo into the spotlight of public attention when he first developed it. Vitiligo is a disease in which the body’s own immune system begins to attack the cells responsible for pigmentation the skin and thus, giving it color. While the exact causes of vitiligo are unknown, it is well known that intense episodes of stress, skin trauma (such as burns) and even pregnancy can cause it to happen.

Living With Vitiligo

Since vitiligo is still something modern medicine and science still needs to learn a lot about, many people instead opt into trying to cover it up while they wait for more permanent medical solutions to be developed, released and perfected. Products such as Simulated Skin can help people do this with great results. While it isn’t a medical solution, it’s in the realm of a cosmetic solution that can help people to feel good about themselves again since those who develop this disease often times can begin to feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

Even though vitiligo isn’t a medical solution, it has helped a lot of people to feel more confident and has given them a way to cover up their vitiligo whenever they feel it is necessary for their own reasons. We’re both glad and proud to be able to offer such a profoundly life changing product for those who can benefit from what it has to offer!

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