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Many people will agree that the best Keloid scar cover up can be found in Simulated Skin. While Simulated Skin is not a medical treatment for keloid scars, it works as a cover up for these scars and works to help make them less noticeable. This is achieved because Simulated Skin is applied in a thin layer over the keloid scar itself with a color that can be pre-matched from your healthy skin tone. The result is that the scar itself will be coated in Simulated Skin which should help to reduce its visibility drastically.

Keloid Scar Cover Up

Our definition of a Keloid Scar is as follows:

Keloids are red, raised and firm scars with a smooth shiny surface. These often tender nodules can complicate minor acne and are more common in dark skin types.

If this sounds like the type of scar you have, then please Contact Us and send us a picture of the scar or ask us any questions you might have.

Once Simulated Skin is applied to the scar it can last for anywhere between a few days up until a week depending on the location of the scar, it’s size and specific classification. An important thing to keep in mind is the following piece of information:

Simulated Skin will not alter skin texture or skin elevation; Simulated Skin helps camouflage, but does not make skin imperfections completely invisible.

This is especially important to note since Simulated Skin is unable to change or alter skin textures as is often seen in scarring and this is one of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive. We most certainly invite you to contact us with any questions or photos concerning your Keloid Scars and we’ll be happy to give you all of the information that we possibly can about how we believe we can assist you.

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