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People tend to have all sorts of different personal reasons for wanting to cover up their birthmarks and they tend to try all sorts of different products – some naturally have higher degrees of success then others. Simulated Skin, however, is one of the most successful and proven products for covering birthmarks for long periods of time. This is due to the fact that Simulated Skin is applied in way that is able to camouflage and just about instantly work to drastically reduce the visible effects of most birthmarks.

Many people wonder how this is possible and how the product works in general. The answer to the question of, “How to Cover Birthmarks” is that Simulated Skin is a specially formulated liquid makeup-like product that is able to be applied directly to the top layer of skin in a way that works to help conceal whatever is underneath it. This is why Simulated Skin is sometimes called a “second skin”, the reason being that it works almost like a second skin for the fact that it is able to be applied to the skin and cover what lies beneath it.

With Simulated Skin, you also don’t have to worry about finding a specific color either since there is a way to take a scan of your skin and create a color match from it that will result in an impeccable match. Once you have this color match, you can begin to hide birthmarks almost anywhere on your body by applying the product directly over it.

If you’d like to see Simulated Skin in action, then please feel free to Click Here To See Before and After Photos as a picture is truly worth a thousand words (and sometimes more ;)!)

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