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Have you been looking for the best camouflage makeup? Simulated Skin, although it is not technically considered a “makeup” (in a good way), is the best camouflaging product that is available today. It’s widely used to help camouflage skin conditions such as scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, eczema, rosacea, tattoos and just about anything else that you can think of.

Best Camouflage Makeup

Perhaps our best definition as to why Simulated Skin is different than other camouflaging makeups and is first-class is this one:

Simulated Skin differs from other cover-up or camouflage products in several significant ways. Initially, each individual client has both the healthy skin and affected skin scanned to create a precise color match. The unique color correction formula is applied as a fine layered mist completely concealing the skin condition. Simulated Skin adheres to the epidermis, forming a simulated second skin over the affected area.

The obvious limitation of other cover up products is that they can’t be colored-matched such as Simulated Skin can be. The other major difference and advantage that Simulated Skin boasts is the fact that it’s waterproof, allows the skin to breathe normally and doesn’t rub off on to linens and other fabric surfaces. The “cakey” effect that other camouflaging products have are simply not found in Simulated Skin either. This is why Simulated Skin ends up being the best camouflage makeup commercially available.

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