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Which Type of Makeup Provides The Most Natural Cover Up?

The type of makeup that provides the most natural cover up is going to be Simulated Skin, and this is for several different reasons. First, it’s important to state right off the bat that Simulated Skin itself is not really classified as a “makeup” because in many ways it is superior while being formulated differently then a traditional makeup; this is why Simulated Skin is able to provide all of the things one is searching for in a natural looking makeup even though it is not a “makeup” by definition. Let’s take a look as to how, why and what this all means.

Makeup That Provides the Most Natural Cover Up

Simulated Skin is actually a liquid application that is formulated based on a color match that is done on both healthy and affected areas of the skin. Once this scan is completed, a color can be created that matches and resembles your healthy skin that is used to help cover up and conceal anything you’d like. Simulated Skin is often sometimes referred to as a simulated second skin for this reason. Unlike makeup, once you apply Simulated Skin, it can actually last up to several days before it needs to be retouched or completely reapplied. This makes it ideal for individuals looking to cover up small to large areas of skin for whatever reasons are necessary. Because this color scan and match can be completed, it will create the most natural looking type of makeup that you can expect to find anywhere. It is also the most durable and tough product you’ll ever encounter.

Natural Looking Makeups, Concealers and Camouflagers

Simulated Skin does it’s best to help conceal and hide any skin imperfections to the best of its ability. It’s often preferred for this reason combined with the fact that it looks very natural once it is applied directly to the skin due to the ability of it to be color matched.

Take a look at our Conditions page and this should give you a good and general idea of the types of skin conditions that we are experienced at handling. If you don’t see your condition listed or have a general question regarding how Simulated Skin can help you, then please feel free to Contact us.

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