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Have you been wondering what the best vitiligo treatment 2012 is? While Simulated Skin is not a medical treatment in itself (since it’s not intended to cure or medically “treat” vitligo) it is a type of makeup that is able to cover up vitiligo on the skin by temporarily re-pigmenting it. For some people, having the ability to treat their vitiligo by simply covering it up as a life changing option to have available to them. Because of this, we are proud and glad to offer Simulated Skin to all of those who wish to benefit from it’s amazing effects and results.

Vitiligo Treatment 2012

Simulated Skin works because it is exactly color matched to the color of your skin tone using a specialized process that copies the healthy skin color and allows it to be re-created using highly advanced technology as Simulated Skin itself, which is then applied to the skin. The result is a personalized cover up and camouflage for vitiligo that will last for days, not rub off and be completely waterproof. It even acts as a strong SPF (sunblock) in order to prevent these already sensitive areas of skin from being damaged by the sun.

People use Simulated Skin daily in order to cover up and hide any traces of vitiligo they might have. While we don’t claim in any way, shape or form that Simulated Skin is a medical treatment for vitiligo, it is certainly something that can be used and applied to the skin while you are seeking more permanent medical solutions, options and procedures.

Since Simulated Skin can be applied and removed whenever you’d like to do so, it’s the perfect choice for covering up vitiligo since it provides total freedom and flexibility as to when and where you may wear it.

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