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In case you find yourself filled with a lot of confusion, curiosity or questions while searching for vitiligo makeup for men, then you can relax and know that we are here to help you answer any questions that you may have. Simulated Skin is a product that is successfully worn by both men and women as it is able to help profoundly cover up and reduce any signs of vitiligo on the skin. While Simulated Skin itself is not a medical treatment for vitiligo, it is a type of makeup, that we call a Second Skin, that can be color matched to create a perfect and harmonious tone that blends naturally and beautifully with the areas of your existing healthy skin.

Vitiligo Makeup for Men

Simulated Skin is a unique facility because we offer extensive training and consultations that are individually created to help promote knowledge and and awareness when it comes to being able to use our products. We will schedule you in a one on one appointment and teach you exactly what you need to know in order to be able to apply Simulated Skin all on your own before that session is over. You’ll walk out equipped with the information and the skill that will allow you to apply Simulated Skin to your own body in a way that looks just as good as our trained professionals can do it. We are very proud to be able to offer such amazing training in the use of our products quite simply because we believe in them; we also believe in providing the best customer service and user experience that we possibly can. We also believe that we offer the best vitiligo makeup for men.

If you are a male, then all of this is great news for you as we won’t let you leave until you understand exactly how to apply the product. While Simulated Skin really isn’t a “make up”, the truth is that it has many similar characteristics of a traditional make up and you will also need to apply it somewhat like one. However, since we provide such exceptional training in the use of our products, as long as you are willing to make the commitment to schedule a consultation with one of our trained professionals, then we can guarantee that we will be able to show you exactly how to use it and get the maximum benefit out of it.

How Can Simulated Skin Cover Up Vitiligo on Men?

The genius behind Simulated Skin is that one of our trained professionals is able to use a “skin scanner” that is able to precisely record the pigment of your healthy skin that we then formulate into a makeup that can be applied to the areas of your skin that have been attack by the vitiligo. The scanning process is completely safe and doesn’t cause your body any harm. The result of the scan just enables one of our professionals to create the perfect batch of Simulated Skin for you.

Since the product exactly resembles the pigmentation of your healthy skin, it looks very natural and blends in perfectly. It’s also waterproof, won’t rub off and can last up to a few days per application.

Different Ways of Applying Simulated Skin

Depending on how large of an area of vitiligo you have on your body, we can offer you two different solutions when it comes to using our product.

1.) The stipple brush method, just like its name implies, is perfect for smaller areas of vitiligo since you will be using a small stipple brush to apply the Simulated Skin with.

2.) The airbrush method is ideal for covering up larger areas of vitiligo with Simulated Skin because it’s able to dispense more Simulated Skin quickly and evenly.

If you are concerned with achieving the most natural look possible, then the airbrush method is probably what you’d want to go with. During your consultation with us, we will be able to actually apply Simulated Skin to your body and let you decide for yourself what you believe works best for you.

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