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If you are looking to choose the right Makeup to Cover Scars with, wouldn’t it only make natural sense to choose a product that is custom color matched to your skin tone and color? Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was also waterproof, allowed your skin to breathe easily and naturally while acting as a natural sunblock that doesn’t rub off while being able to last for up to a few days per application? Then it would make Simulated Skin the only logical choice since it does all of these things, and more.

Makeup to Cover Scars

Simulated Skin is the best Makeup to Cover Scars with because it’s able to be precisely matched to the natural color of your skin. This is accomplished by using a sophisticated piece of scanning technology that is able to scan the top layer of your skin in order to guide our trained technicians in creating a color that exactly makes your skin. The benefits of this process are seen once the Simulated Skin is actually applied to your skin since it is able to help camouflage and conceal scars while looking as much as your normal skin as possible. We call Simulated Skin a “second skin” because it literally creates a barrier of this “second skin” that helps to blend in perfectly with your existing skin color. The result is a way to finally have the best possible makeup that covers scars that remains looking as natural as possible.
There are essentially two main ways that Simulated Skin can be applied and removed. At first, for smaller scars, you can apply Simulated Skin with a stipple brush. For larger areas, we offer an airbrush method that will help to conceal larger areas quickly with highly accurate precision. When you purchase either one of these methods from us, we will, as part of your initial consultation with us, provide training on exactly how to use the product so you won’t be left guessing or asking any questions. For this reason, the Simulated Skin experience is highly personalized and accommodating to anybody and everybody who would like to use it in order to cover scars.
Once applied, Simulated Skin will tend to last anywhere from a couple of days up to about a week. The actual length of an application primarily depends upon how oily of an area of skin the product is being applied to. More oils means the more natural breakdown will occur. However, if you begin to notice after a few days that the Simulated Skin is not as concealing as you’d like it to be, you can simply and easily just reapply a small portion and touch it up.
Simulated Skin can also be easily removed with a special alcohol-based solution that we can provide to you as part of your package with us. This gives you more flexibility as to when, where and how you can wear your Simulated Skin to cover up any scars that you might have. You should have to look no further for a makeup to cover scars as Simulated Skin truly delivers on its promise in multiple areas!

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