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Microskin is such a unique type of Scar Makeup because it is specifically designed and formulated to match the exact color and skin tone of your skin. It’s perhaps the most advanced scar makeup available because it also offers such benefits as being entirely waterproof, a high quality SPF (sunblock) as well as not rubbing off easily and lasting anywhere from a couple of days up to a week per single application.

Scar Makeup

Microskin is able to help cover up and conceal scars virtually instantly as soon as it is applied. This is accomplished by having one of our technicians take a scan of your skin tone during your consultation with us. From this scan, we can create a batch of Microskin that is identical to your personal skin color. While no type of cover up can be 100% accurate, we believe that you’ll find Microskin’s results to be the best among any type of other scar makeups out there. For a more detailed view of what you can expect, please have a look at our Before and After page for a comprehensive list of what we have been able to achieve for our clients.
Virtually any type of scar can be covered up using Microskin so please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, comments, concerns or pictures that you believe will help us to better determine if Microskin is right for you. We definitely invite you to submit anything to us that you feel will better help us to set the right expectations for you when it comes to knowing what kind of results can be achieved.


  • Joyce Ederington says:

    I’m just looking for a coverup for old burns scars on legs.

    • Microskin says:

      Hi Joyce!
      Microskin can probably help you out with that!
      Feel free to click here for our Contact page and send us an e-mail or call us; we’d be happy to talk to you about using Microskin for the burn scars on your legs 🙂
      You can even upload a picture if you feel comfortable and we can contact you ASAP and let you know if we believe Microskin is right for you!

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