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One of the most common types of scars and stretch marks that women often want to cover up are their own pregnancy scars and pregnancy stretch marks. These scars and stretch marks, as their name suggests, happen as a result of a women giving birth and can develop as a result of having a “C-Section” performed or even from the tremendous amount of pressure that carrying a baby puts on the body.

Cover Up and Conceal Pregnancy Scars and Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Instead of considering dangerous laser surgery for pregnancy scars and pregnancy stretch marks, we invite you to consider the possibility of using Simulated Skin in order to cover up and conceal the stretch and scar marks. The benefits of Simulated Skin include not having to subject your body to any type of surgery in combination with the facts that Simulated Skin is also waterproof, custom matched to your skill color and goes on looking very naturally. You can also apply and remove Simulated Skin whenever you like and it will often last up to a few days or more per application.
For things such as going out to places like the beach or with friends, this cover up and concealing solution makes perfect sense as you can control when and how you wear it. Ultimately, you can use Simulated Skin to hide your stretch and scar marks on demand and not have to contend with putting your body under any stressful procedures in an attempt to eliminate these marks.
Simulated Skin is very easy to use and apply and we offer full consultations and training so that you may teach you exactly how to apply Simulated Skin in order to gain the maximum visible results from using it. We would once again like to invite you to book a consultation with one of our highly trained and skilled technicians and try Simulated Skin yourself and see if it’s right for you.

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