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If you’d like to know how to cover a tattoo with makeup for events such as weddings, parties or work, then you’ll love to hear about Simulated Skin. Simulated Skin is a “different” kind of makeup that can be applied to the skin easily and is highly effective in covering up tattoos.

How to Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

The main benefits of Simulated Skin is that it’s a lightweight kind of cosmetic cover up that can be exactly matched to the color of your skin, providing you with a custom cover up solution that is also waterproof, won’t rub off and is able to last for days with just a single application.
Whether you need to cover tattoos for a long period of time indefinitely or just for a short event, Simulated Skin has you covered… Literally! People love the fact that we can match our product exactly to the color of their skin tone so they never have to worry about Simulated Skin looking “awkward” or extremely obvious. Because we can match our product so closely to your natural skin color you might also even forget that it’s there 😉
We invite you to check out some of our tattoo cover up before and after photos and videos as we feel we should best let our product’s results speak for itself.

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