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With such skin conditions as eczema, rosacea, burns, scarring, birthmarks and vitiligo, just to name a few, so many people like you are in search of a miracle product. Simulated Skin might just be the product you are looking for. With Simulated Skin, we can conceal almost any skin condition you throw at us. Simulated Skin is a lightweight liquid cosmetic, that acts as a simulated second skin. The camouflaging makeup can hide various skin conditions, just take a look at our Conditions section. You will find whatever delicate skin condition you are dealing with.
When you initially think of a skin camouflaging makeup, you probably expect it to be thick and gooey. Simulated Skin is actually the exact opposite. It is lightweight and smooth in texture, allowing for a perfect application to the affected areas every time. This airy feel and look allows Simulated Skin to really blend with your skin, and make it look 100% like real skin. Since most concealing makeup is weighty and clogs up the skin, Simulated Skin is the opposite. It is even used on burns, and the makeup covers while allowing them to breathe.
We expertly match your concealing makeup by actually scanning a part of your unaffected skin. From there, your new “second skin” is mixed. Application with Simulated Skin is also a breeze. For a smaller area you would like to hide, the stippling method is the best. This is done with a little sponge and of course, the makeup. The airbrush technique, which uses an airbrush machine, is designed to spray out Simulated Skin onto a larger area of the body. However light Simulated Skin may be, there is no doubt that it covers completely!
Call us or e-mail us for any questions, inquires, or to schedule your consultation today! Get the best camouflage makeup around!

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