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The Best Camouflage Makeup is Simulated Skin

By December 14, 2011No Comments

If you are searching for the best camouflage makeup, then you should certainly be aware of what Simulated Skin has to offer. Simulated Skin itself is formulated based on the needs of each individual that uses it and helps to cover up most skin conditions with a high degree of success. Technically, Simulated Skin is really not considered a “makeup” but functions similar to one in that it can help to camouflage things on the skin; since it isn’t a true makeup, it does not have the standard “makeup-like” appearance or feel of regular makeup. It also doesn’t share some of the less desirable characteristics of other camouflage makeup products since Simulated Skin is able to last for a period of a few days (sometimes longer depending on where it’s applied to) on the skin per application, doesn’t rub off and is entirely waterproof. Simulated Skin is strong enough to provide these benefits and effects to all skin types, genders and individuals of all ages.

Best Camouflage Makeup

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is from clients wanting to know exactly what Simulated Skin looks and feels like since it isn’t technically classified as a makeup or regular type of camouflage. Our answer is that it’s a light, liquidized application that can be applied to the skin using two different methods: a stipple brush (for smaller areas of skin) or an airbrush (for larger areas of skin). The choice is entirely yours and our highly trained Simulated Skin consultants will be able to assist you and guide you into making the correct decision for your own particular needs.

Simulated Skin is often called or referred to as a “second skin”. This term is true to its name and describes what Simulated Skin actually is quite well. It’s important to understand that we refer to Simulated Skin as a second skin because once it is applied, it indeed functions as a virtual second layer of your own skin since it’s both flexible and durable enough to be waterproof while not able to be rubbed off. If you desire to remove Simulated Skin for any reason at any given time, you’ll have to use a special alcohol-based solution that we can provide you with – this should help to give you an idea of the overall strength behind a single application of Simulated Skin. The product itself is naturally broken down over time by the natural oils of the skin and can be retouched if it begins to fade or wear off a little bit.

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