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The perfect burn cover up makeup would ideally be able to cover up the portion of your skin that has been burned while simultaneously making it look as naturally close to your unburned skin as possible. And this is exactly what Simulated Skin does.

Burn Cover Up Makeup

If you have suffered a burn anywhere on your body then you can use Simulated Skin to help camouflage and cover it up so that it looks as natural as possible. The way that it works is that we are able to take a unique scan of your healthy skin that allows us to formulate an exact-match blend that we can then use and show you how to cover your burned skin with. The result is truly life-changing as this cover up differs from nearly every other burn cover up makeup available since it is entirely waterproof, doesn’t rub off and can last for a significant amount of time on burned skin (since burned skin doesn’t secrete as much oil as “healthy” skin, the lack of naturally occurring oils allows for Simulated Skin to last longer before beginning to break down and fade away).

Once we are able to scan your skin and create this perfect color match for you, we keep it on file so that whenever you need to reorder Simulated Skin we can recreate your color exactly for you so that there is no difference in what you are receiving. Our reorder process is very simple and straight-forward as all you need to do is contact us and let us know how much you’d like to order. Once we receive your request we can mail you the product or allow you to pick it up at our office directly.

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