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The best vitiligo camouflage makeup needs to be able to accomplish a number of things for you successfully, such as:

– Looking as natural as possible and looking as close to your natural skin color as possible
– Being able to stay on your skin without coming off due to water, contact with other people or materials
– Being able to cover any portion of your skin anywhere on your body

Simulated Skin is able to do all of these things, and a lot more. Simulated Skin is basically a light-liquid solution that is mixed based on the results of a custom scan that we can take of your skin to determine exactly how to formulate a color blend that matches your skin exactly. Once this color is mixed and created, it can either be applied using a small stipple brush for smaller areas of vitiligo or by using an airbrush for larger areas of vitiligo on the skin.

Our vitiligo camouflage makeup works so wonderfully because it’s not technically considered a conventional makeup, therefore, it doesn’t share most of the same undesirable properties as a standard makeup would have such as feeling “cakey” and rubbing off on other people and linens. We call Simulated Skin a virtual second skin because we feel as though it is exactly that – a layer of second skin that is created as a result of the application of our product. This second skin then takes on the appearance of your healthy skin while remaining as comfortable as possible for you to wear.

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