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If you need to know How to Hide Tattoos for Work, then you don’t have to look any further! Simulated Skin is the perfect solution for being able to hide tattoos for work since it is a type of camouflage and concealer for both men and women that allows for tattoos to be hidden underneath the layer of “second skin” that it creates. Simulated Skin is much different then the other types of different creams and makeups that are found in cheap tattoo cover up kits that only end up destroying and ruining your clothes. Once Simulated Skin is applied, it doesn’t rub off on to clothes, linens or other people and it remains completely waterproof. You can touch up Simulated Skin whenever you need to and you may remove it with a potent alcohol based solution that we can provide for you; this allows you to have complete and total control over when, where, how and why you wear Simulated Skin in order to hide tattoos for work.

Rather then just simply talk about what Simulated Skin can do for you, let us just show you instead! Please watch this short minute-long video of how Simulated Skin is used to hide tattoos:

As you can see, this particular person was hiding a tattoo on their leg and the outcome was simply amazing!

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