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Whatever your reason for needing waterproof tattoo cover up makeup is, you don’t have to worry, because that’s exactly what Simulated Skin is! Simulated Skin is the perfect waterproof tattoo cover up makeup that can be used for all sorts of events such as weddings, gatherings, work, competitions, swimming and just about anything else you can imagine or ask for. Let’s take a look at how Simulated Skin works:

Simulated Skin is a waterproof tattoo cover up makeup that is specifically formulated and designed to exactly match your skin color and tone. When you arrive at a Simulated Skin facility, we give you a consultation that includes a free custom color scan that involves one of our highly trained technicians using a special device that is able to digitally record and store the color of your skin. From this scan, we create a unique batch of Simulated Skin that is able to be applied over your tattoo that is based on your own personal skin color.

You don’t have to do anything special to Simulated Skin to make it waterproof. In fact, Simulated Skin is waterproof no matter what you are using it for. As an extra and added benefit, it’s good to know that it also doesn’t rub off when you come into contact with other people and objects. The end result of using Simulated Skin as a tattoo cover up makeup is a highly dependable and reliable waterproof tattoo cover up that is uniquely designed for your skin and preferences, no matter what they may be!


  • Sarah says:

    How much? Where do you get it?

    • Simulated Skin says:

      Hi Sarah!

      Please call our office at 212-779-4000 and we’d be glad to answer any questions that you may have 😉

      Currently, we have offices in New York City and California (In the L.A. area).

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