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Showing off a chest is a part of life. Women showcase the chest by wearing lower tops, bathing suits and dresses. Men do it by taking off their shirt, or a deep V-neck. For some of you, vitiligo on this area might stop you from doing these normal things. You are probably wondering about how to cover up vitiligo on the chest. Don’t let it effect your daily life anymore.

I present to you Simulated Skin. Not a vitiligo treatment or a cure, Simulated Skin is a heavy-duty liquid cosmetic, a leader in the market of covering up vitiligo. We call it a second skin, because it so easily and perfectly blends in with your chest and the rest of the body. Simulated Skin blends in so well because it is a lightweight product, not heavy or dense. It looks like your very own skin!

Covering Up Vitiligo On Your Chest

How Simulated Skin conceals vitiligo so well is because it is a personalized product. During your consultation we precisely match your skin tone, and conjure up a makeup that is an exact match. This provides the maximum coverage needed to hide vitiligo with makeup. Simulated Skin can last on skin from anywhere from a few days to upwards of a whole week. No need for constant re-applying or worrying it will go away. Simulated Skin only comes off when you want it to by using the remover we provide. Feel free to swim in it or play an intense sport, because Simulated Skin is also waterproof. By covering up and concealing vitiligo on the chest, you can now enjoy the beach or various activities more often without feeling self conscious.


Go visit our Before and After section, and see just how well Simulated Skin does. Tackling vitiligo is a hard job, but Simulated Skin has you covered. Visit us for a consultation in our New York or Pasadena, CA offices, or just feel free to give us a call!

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