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Simulated Skin is known for concealing a lot of various skin ailments, but we are best known for our vitiligo treatment! Simulated Skin is not a medical treatment or cure for vitiligo. However it is a great option to conceal your vitiligo while you seek medical assistance. There is a YouTube video of the a girl praising Simulated Skin for helping out with her vitiligo.  Please check out that YouTube video on our site!

Vitiligo Treatment 2013

As a best vitiligo treatment 2013 Simulated Skin wins this title for various reasons. Opaque and richly pigmented Simulated Skin is a personalized cosmetic. We take a sample of your healthy skin tone and make that into a liquid makeup for you. This process is non-invasive and simply painless so in no time you will be up and running with your very own Simulated Skin cosmetic. There are two ways to apply Simulated Skin, the best vitiligo cosmetic treatment.


  • * The stippling method: this is generally for smaller areas of the body and/or face. Simulated Skin is applied to the skin using a small stippling brush.
  • * The airbrush method: this is generally used for larger parts of the body or if you like to conceal your entire body. You apply Simulated Skin by using an airbrush device and the result is perfect and flawless skin.


Once applied your skin looks completely unblemished and as if you don’t even have vitiligo. Men or women can use this as it looks so natural, it looks like your own skin. There is no residue of makeup, making this the best vitiligo makeup. It really looks like a second skin. Simulated Skin is waterproof, so you can shower with this on, swim with this on, or perspire with this on. To take off Simulated Skin if you need to use our specially designed alcohol-based remover. The best way in concealing vitiligo is here.

Simulated Skin also doesn’t rub off of your own clothes or on to the clothes of others. Once the Simulated Skin begins to fade away, you can “touch it up” again to keep it looking fresh so that it may provide a better concealment of your vitiligo. This all truly makes Simulated Skin one of the best Vitiligo Treatment 2013.

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